Mateusz Papiernik


I'm a software developer. I'm a geek. I learn and adapt quickly. I like making impossible things possible. And I need tea. Lots of tea.

I've co-founded Makimo, a bespoke software agency crafting web and native mobile applications, where I hold a CTO position. We work with Django, Flask, React, Vue.js and Kotlin among others.

You can find me on LinkedIn or simply say hi, I'd be happy to chat and grab a coffee!


I've been writing about wine on a personal blog Winne Przygody since 2010 and in print since 2017. I hold a WSET Level 3 certification passed with distinction.

I'm most passionate about wines from Central Europe, including the emerging wines of Poland, as well as fortified wines with a strong affinity for Madeira.

My personal Instagram account concentrates mostly on wine.


I started playing the piano as an adult during my university studies and have been taking classical piano lessons ever since. It's my way of calming my mind and sharing what I love.

I'm interested in sound engineering with the primary focus on recording and mixing classical performances. After hours, I work on the Software z każdej strony podcast show.

I invite you to listen to my playing on YouTube and Spotify.

One man can make a difference.